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Salaries at multinational companies in Slovenia

Posted: 2013-04-09, 12:42
by Levo
I'm so sorry for contaminating this topic with such - becoming a habit of mine - but no-one would see if I put it into the general topics.

Can you guys, please give me some ideas about, how much people earn per month at multinational companies in Slovenia? Mostly at the financial field, or at telecom companies.

I don't know if multinational companies are popular in Slovenia, in Hungary many bigger firms have their shared service centre (IBM, British Telecom, Tata, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, Nokia, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, etc...), where you can earn a way better salary than at smaller companies or in the state sector.

Re: Salaries at multinational companies in Slovenia

Posted: 2013-04-17, 8:22
by Levo
Okay... Why I dared to ask it, because as far as i'm concerned salaries are generally around double of those in Hungary.
And I don't know if it is true for higher-educated jobs as well, mostly at multinational companies. Prices are higher in Slovenia.

For example, in Hungary, you can earn around 500 to 750€ net per month with university degree and two foreign languages. I'd say, the average must be around 550-600€ according to my experience. (Let it be help-desk, accountant or some other financial field).

Any ideas if it is significantly different there?
Thank you!

Re: Salaries at multinational companies in Slovenia

Posted: 2013-04-20, 15:05
by Ashucky
I'd love to answer you but I've absolutely no clue as to how it works in Slovenia. My mom works in a hospital (she's a nurse) and my dad works in Italy (chief iengineer on a cargo ship).

However, I think the lowest salaries are 500-600€ a month, don't know the exact figure. The average salary is around 1000€ after taxes, if I'm reading the statistics right, but it's currently going down.

That's the best I can give you. Would be cool if we had anyone who knows more about this stuff on this forum ...