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Minimum monthly wages in Slovenia

Posted: 2012-05-07, 1:35
by Levo
I'm sorry, it's not a language-related topic, but otherwise maybe no-one would see it in other sub-forums.

So I have a question... I read that the current minimal salary per month in Slovenia stands at 763 euros NET.
My first question is. Is it true that it is the net amount that the employee gets into his hands after taxes and everything? Because it sounds really good compared to minimal salaries in other countries.

My other question connected to this is the following: Let's suppose someone has solely this earning and lives in Ljubljana or Maribor maybe. Is it possible to save anything from it each month?
Like in Hungary, you need to earn at least 500 euros net to be able to save a little amount each month but the minimum salary stands at some 310 euros gross... and it values some 230 euros net.

It would be a great help to know it. Thank you for your reply in advance!

Re: Minimum monthly wages in Slovenia

Posted: 2012-05-07, 18:38
by Ashucky
Well, according to the official data, that's the minimal net salary, yeah. But it won't stay that way for long, though.

As for your second question, I've no idea. I don't really have a job and I've only worked part-time and noöne I know earns the minimal wage. You'll have to wait for someone else to get an answer to that question.

Re: Minimum monthly wages in Slovenia

Posted: 2012-05-07, 23:07
by Levo
Hvala, already.
And that's already good news you don't know anyone earning the minimum wages.
I have plenty of people around me like that...

Re: Minimum monthly wages in Slovenia

Posted: 2012-10-06, 6:33
by trance0
The minimum net wage in Slovenia is not 763 EUR - this is the minimum gross monthly salary, the minimum net salary in Slovenia is currently only 586 EUR per month. However, in Slovenia you also get two nontaxable salary supplements paid by employer in addition to the regular salary:

1. compensation for commuting / reimbursement of costs of transport to and from work (usually paid in money together with the rest of the wage each month), although this has been reduced in most economic sectors by collective agreements to only 60-80% of the monthly ticket cost of the ceapest public transport available for commuting,
2. meal allowances during the work (also usually paid in money with salary every month) up to a maximum of about 6,5 EUR per working day.

So, in most cases the minimum net wage in Slovenia including the aforementioned supplements is at least 700+ EUR.

But at least in Ljubljana you can`t really save any money if you only get minimal wage and have to pay rent for an apartment. Small one room or studio apartments in Ljubljana usually cost at least 300 EUR/month and rent nomally doesn`t include utility expenses like electricity bill, heating, gas etc. which amount to at least another 100 EUR/month. In Maribor, on the other hand, you can rent a small apartment for as little as 150 EUR/month, so depending on how high your apartment expenses are, if you live modestly and don`t spend too much on food and other 'luxury' you can actually save a few euros even on minimum wage. :whistle:

I work for one of the phone companies in Ljubljana and earn about 1200 EUR per month, but this includes all 'extras' like regular shift(I work three shifts) and holiday supplements(I often work during weekends and holidays), compensation for commuting(30 km in each direction, I get 70% of costs for monthly train and Ljubljana city public bus transport tickets, usually cca. 80-90 EUR per month altogether, but I drive by car and spend at least 100 EUR for gas alone!) and meal allowance(about 4,15 EUR per working day). My net monthly salary including regular shift supplements is a little over 1000 EUR + about 170 EUR compensation for meal and cost of transportation.

P.S.: Before the EU financial crisis I would get up to 6% bonus on net salary per month, meal compensations were about 6,5 EUR daily, we got 100% refund of commuting expenses etc., but all such 'bonuses' have since been canceled or reduced.

Re: Minimum monthly wages in Slovenia

Posted: 2013-02-09, 13:06
by Garethw87
I love how you get paid for meals and transport. That's a really good idea! I spend sooo much of my money on food while at work and TRANSPORT!

Currently I work full time. I earn minimum wage per hour which is (coverted on XE as of today) €7.31 per hour. So if I do no overtime or anything extra like this month I got paid €940. Out of that I have to pay €86 for my pass to use the bus to work! Luckily I live at home still so I don't pay out full for rent and electric, gas bills I just help out. Even still. Out of my €940 which I received on the 5th of this month I have... €236 left for myself until payday next month.. All I bought was a Latvia jersey! I'm going out later to watch a movie and have some food which will costs €40 easily... then my birthday is next week so If I went out and ate and paid it'd be another say €20/30 gone... It's all too much!

If I lived in my own small flat/apartment I'd have to pay, for somewhere not so great around €532 per month just for Rent+Council tax. Then you have food, electric, gas, water bills - then your own bills like mobile phone, broadband, transport.

Interesting topic :D

Re: Minimum monthly wages in Slovenia

Posted: 2013-04-06, 13:35
by TeneReef
To compare Ljubljana with cities nearby:

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Cost of Living Comparison Between Ljubljana and Graz (AT) ... city2=Graz

Cost of Living Comparison Between Ljubljana and Trieste (IT) ... y2=Trieste

Local Purchasing Power in Ljubljana is 23.24% higher than in Budapest
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