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Re: Slovenski Kotiček (Slovenian Corner)

Postby france-eesti » 2016-11-15, 15:30

Thank you so much!
Well no, I don't think I'll be lost into Slovenian nor Slovenia :) I'm just starting actually and I am happy it is Slovenia (working with Slovenian Red Cross). But my friend/work parter will help me with the translations (which will be the main problem with me, as the only word of Slovenian I know is "Zdravo") :D (and Siddharta isn't a Slovenian word, I guess) :)
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Re: Slovenski Kotiček (Slovenian Corner)

Postby Ashucky » 2016-11-17, 23:59

Oh, that's nice to hear! Somehow I'm not surprised you know Siddharta, hehe, they're probably one of the most well-known Slovene bands. And no, the name isn't Slovenian :D How long are you going to stay in Slovenia, then?

If you're in Ljubljana or somewhere close, we could have a Slovene UniLang meeting :D I don't think there's ever been one and it's been a while since I last met with another fellow UniLanger (bf not counting haha) xD
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