Metelko's slovene alphabet, anyone got more information?

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Metelko's slovene alphabet, anyone got more information?

Postby allemaalmeezinge » 2006-09-05, 18:05

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Postby skye » 2006-09-09, 11:32

As far as I remember from school the script used until the 19th century was bohoričica. Invented by Adam Bohorič, a protestant and the author of the first Slovenian grammar. It was the protestants who wrote the first Slovenian books - following the footsteps of Martin Luther :D .

In the 19th century some people felt that we needed language reforms, especially spelling reforms. There were two groups.

One group argued that we should include cyrillic symbols for certain Slovenian sounds, because they felt that they weren't represented well by the standard Latin alphabet. This the group was represented by Metelko and Danjko. Their script was called Metelčica.

There was also another group which argued that it would be stupid to mix Latin and cyrillic symbols and that Slovenian should follow the example of the rest of Europe which uses the Latin alphabet. This group was represented by the greatest Slovenian romantic poet Prešeren and his mentor and sponsor and a very knowledgeable man (so said my teacher) Matija Čop.

The dispute was known as črkarska pravda (or the letter-war as you have it in your translation). In the end the second group won. The script that became to be used in the end was an adaptation of Ljudevit Gaj's alphabet. Ljudevit Gaj was an important figure in Croatian political, national and literary life of the time. His script was called Gajica. The Slovenian adaptation is called Slovenica. The special characters included in the Slovenian alphabet are č, š and ž.

I have a Kindler literary lexikon on cd, which has info about all the literatures of the world, I think it has something on this as well under Slovenian literature.

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