Soft and Hard Lithuanian pronunciation

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Postby desper » 2007-01-05, 22:07

What the hell. I still think it's ate. ;P

As for iki, it has a notion of 'till our next meeting' while at(e/ia) stands more for farewell.

Hmm, whatever.

Edit: as for the link, it gives both spellings, huh?

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Postby apkiautėlis » 2007-01-06, 12:03

It says that neither ate nor atia is appropriate for standard Lithuanian. In everyday speech it's okay I guess.

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Re: Soft and Hard Lithuanian pronunciation

Postby draugas » 2017-12-02, 20:24

Try this link for an explanation; perhaps oversimplified. Many of the explanations by linguists are unnecessarily complex, though, IMO. ... ithuanian/

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