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Marija, Marija

Posted: 2018-03-11, 19:55
by chatonmiaou
Hello all!

I came across this beautiful song

to the blessed Virgin Mary, pretty sure that this is a very popular Lithuanian song. Upon reading the text, I have 2 questions as I was trying to find the meanings in Google Translate

1) Išgelbėk nuo priešo baisaus
-> Google translate says that this means "save yourself from the horrible enemy". However, to me this does not make sense. I was expecting that it would be "save us from the horrible enemy". But if I were to say "save us" the phrasing would be "Išgelbėk mus". Am I missing something here?

2) Užstok prieš Aukščiausią Tu žmogų menkiausią
-> Could someone help me with what this phrase means?

I appreciate the help. Thank you all!