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Further Lithuanian studies

Posted: 2017-01-30, 21:02
by mfpx
Id like to know where I could study Lithuanian further, my grandad is from Vilnius (name's Antanas), however the rest of my family is Swedish and Icelandic. I already know the language to the extent where I can maintain a relatively normal conversation (grandad taught me), however Id like to study further. Any resources you could suggest?

Also, I have an issue, whenever there are words that are similar to Swedish, Ill just switch to Swedish (i.e. kabel-kabelis, ananas-ananasas and multiple others).

Re: Further Lithuanian studies

Posted: 2017-01-31, 5:38
by Varaleiva
(If you can read in lithuanian, if not you must learn first.) ... aqVcKxOwCQ ... s-vaikams/

With the last issue of yours, you must find some difference between words to distinguish them.