"Siaudinis sodas" (?) Need help with Lithuanian tradition

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"Siaudinis sodas" (?) Need help with Lithuanian tradition

Postby pawel3012 » 2016-08-23, 8:05

Hi all :)

I found picture of "siaudinis sodas" or sth like that:
(link to photo: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/fd/c3/be/fdc3bed9487c3a41d21e2094e9db6a47.jpg)
I can't find anything about it in english/polish sites. I really love it and I would like to know something more about it. Maybe sbd knows history of this thing? Any english sites about it? :hmm:

I will appreciate any help :)

Sol Invictus
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Re: "Siaudinis sodas" (?) Need help with Lithuanian tradition

Postby Sol Invictus » 2016-08-23, 12:41

I think I've seen it called himmeli in English. It's a traditional Christmas decoration in several countries made out of straws or reeds.

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Re: "Siaudinis sodas" (?) Need help with Lithuanian tradition

Postby Varaleiva » 2016-08-23, 13:01

From Lithuanian Wikipedia, you can translate it with Google (translation unlikely very accurate):


...And it's not a Christmas decoration, in Lithuanian culture.
Something very old and almost forgotten...

Other links (in lithuanian):
http://skrastas.lt/?data=2012-11-15&rub ... 2012-11-15

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