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Difference between kaip sekasi & kaip gyvuoji

Posted: 2014-05-17, 15:31
by Erpelmama
I have a question.
The book I am learning Lithuanian with says that "how are you?" means "kaip gyvuoji?" while my dictionnary says that it means "kaip sekasi?"
What is the difference between these two? And which one is used when?
Ačiu labai in advance!

Re: Difference between kaip sekasi & kaip gyvuoji

Posted: 2014-05-18, 6:28
by Varaleiva
„kaip gyvuoji?“ – how are you live, exist, fare, survive?
„kaip sekas(i)?“ – how are you go, have luck (in life, job)?
„kaip laikais(i)?“ – how are you live, survive, uphold, keep your self?
„kaip reikalai?“ – what's up?
„kaip einas(i)? – what's up?
„kas geresnio?“ – what's (good) up?
„kaip gyvenimas?“ – how are yours life?
„kaip gyvenimėlis?“ – how are yours (nice, cute, lovely; small) life?

...maybe someone better versed in the English language explain...

Re: Difference between kaip sekasi & kaip gyvuoji

Posted: 2014-05-21, 5:58
by Rokas
These are all colloquial phrases used to greet someone and they are equivalent to How are you?

There is no big difference which one you choose except for some being more frequently used than others. For me, the best choices are

Kaip gyveni?
Kaip sekasi?
Kaip laikaisi?

Also, these are not suitable in more formal situations, primarily because you cannot use 2 pers. sg. endings when you talk to people who are not your friends, peers or family members.