What does 'Regő Rejtem' mean?

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What does 'Regő Rejtem' mean?

Postby xBlackHeartx » 2018-12-17, 23:14

Note that I don't know Hungarian, even though I obviously listen to The Moon and the Nightspirit.

Anyway, wikipedia claims that it means 'I conjure magic', but using a dictionary I don't get the same result. I can't find regő, but I have found rejtem. My dictionary claims it can mean either 'I hide' or '(self)hidden'. I don't get either result if I look up 'conjure' or 'magic'.

So what does this phrase actually mean? And yes, I have thought about learning Hungarian, but I haven't had much luck with learning languages in the past, because I never use them. And I'm fairly certain that I'll never make use of Hungarian. I don't even use what little Spanish I know.

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Re: What does 'Regő Rejtem' mean?

Postby france-eesti » 2018-12-18, 14:48

Szia! :)
Well I am not Hungarian but I am studying the language (and have been for nearly 2 years).
And I don't know "Regő" either :para:
If it was the object of "rejtem", then it would end with a -t, for accusative... But there is no "t".
I can ask one of my Hungarian teachers, because I'm also quite curious about it :) and I will let you know! :partyhat:
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