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Szívesen segítek magyarul tanulóknak

Posted: 2018-10-27, 1:28
by violazoli
Hi, first, excuse me for my bad English, this is definitely NOT my native tongue. I am native Hungarian however who learns English. English is an extremely hard language for me, this is absolutely sure undoubtedly, although I am not full beginner in the scope of language-learning. Long time ago, I have learnt German, and I can state it frankly, that German is far-far more easy (than English)! In those days I have been living in Hungary, I had no any German friend so I couldn't practice German with anybody, even so, in ONE year I achieved the weak intermediate level, "from scratch"! So without any former base.
But English... Now I'm living in the USA, with absolutely "clear" English environment so I have no any relationship with Hungarian natives, I live here for 6 years (!!!), and perhaps (perhaps!) I am just now in that "weak" intermediate level! So English is definitely hard! Very, very hard...

But as I wrote it above, I am native Hungarian and as I see, in this forum there are many people who wanted to learn Hungarian. Thus, I have an idea: I'm going to help those brave learners ( :) ), in exchange they help me... It is so easy, isn't it?
I can give them definitely HUGE help, because I am sci-fi author, and not even beginner! I have been creating more than 50 (not error: more than half hundred!) books, plus dozens of short stories, of course these books are written in Hungarian. But the essence for Hungarian learners is, that 3 books written by me got even translated to English, they available at Lulu publisher house, completely free after the registration. So, if somebody read them, then can compare the English text with the original Hungarian, and this is very useful! Don't worry, those books are NOT in my broken, Tarzan-like English, of course I have professional and native publisher's reader! Anybody who has interesting to download and read my 3 books in English, just look up to my "profil" here, and can find the link to my personal webpage. Then if the visitor has interesting for even the Hungarian version, just ask me and I can send her/him it in email, or at least a link to the downloadable Hungarian version.

In addition, if somebody create a short composition in Hungarian, I'll correct it, provided it that my compositions get correction as well.

Regarding the fact that one of my best hobby is the computerprogramming, surely I'll be not afraid even if the raw Hungarian composition is some highly technical/professional text about the computers, programming, etc.

Of course, I'm help gladly the Hungarian learners even with explanations about the Hungarian grammar, literary style, or any another related questions/problems.

Re: Szívesen segítek magyarul tanulóknak

Posted: 2018-10-27, 8:10
by france-eesti
Hi there! Welcome here! I am so happy you are here!
50 sci-fi books! :shock: O m g! I wrote 2 sci-fi books (in French) and 16 other books (more like novels) including 2 taking place in Hungary (one ending in Budapest, the other in Kisvárda, both are in English). I am so impressed! Oh and I am self-published on Lulu as well :) Send me your page and here is mine: ... Id=1326885
how come you write so many things? How come you have TIME to write so many books? How long are they? :partyhat:
Anyway, welcome here again and I really hope we can help each other (though to be honest I'm not a native in English - I'm French) :P

Re: Szívesen segítek magyarul tanulóknak

Posted: 2018-10-27, 12:52
by violazoli
Well, I am 53 years old, this is a relatively long age... So I had time enough. Especially because I have no any interesting to the "high life", no too much to even the "social life", trips, etc, and I do not lose my time wit the television because I do not watch TV, actually I do not even have any TV in my room. You can find my webpage in my signature of course, but it is here as well:

Re: Szívesen segítek magyarul tanulóknak

Posted: 2018-10-28, 16:52
by france-eesti
Köszönök mindent!
Igen igazad van - az (szerintem) sokkal érdekesebb írni mint tévézni :)
Már megtaláltál egy kiadót? Sok könyvet eladsz?

Re: Szívesen segítek magyarul tanulóknak

Posted: 2018-10-29, 1:59
by violazoli
Hi dear france-eesti, I do not sell any book yet. As the publishing in Hungary are concerned, it is already out of my interesting scope, since I'm living in the USA, not in Hungary, and it is very hard to publish anything in Hungary, big risk, and even it get success, the profit is very thin, nothingness. Now in these days I'm working about how to be English author... Obviously it need to have books being translated to English! As you can see on my webpage, I have 3 on Lulu, they aare free. But those 3 books are small, they includes no more just approximately 30 ... 40 thousands words per book, although I have many, many books more than 100 thousand words, moreover not even one is bigger than 200 thousand words!
I happily tell you, my biggest and best book got translated already! its title in English:
Kayam, the Mistake
But of course the translation "per se" is not enough, so, exactly in these days my native publisher's reader is working about it in Australia! But this is a very slow process, first of all because this book includes approx. 245000 words, on the other hand it must be good absolutely, because... Because the 3 books on Lulu is just something free advertisement in my eyes, in order to generate "hype", still more in order that I can tell it to the publishing houses in the future that this Kayam-story is not my first book, I have even "past" in the novel-creation process and so on.
Otherwise this Kayam is a man, and he is a wizard. But this book is started at his birth, and in the beginning he didn't know it that he is a wizard. He didn't know it almost to the end of his teenager-age. But he is a very unique character, he is "geek", extraordinary, having no any sense to the politeness, to the high- and social life, nor to the girls/ladies... but he has extremely great talent to the math, logic, meanwhile he is weak in sports... so his classmates mock him everyday...
This story happens in an imaginary word, but it is very similar to our middle-age. He got accused even with an unjust charge, so he got arrested and taken into a prison for years. Then he must become soldier (enlisted man...), of course he has not any sense to the army as well...
He is basically a benevolent character, he is not evil, he don't become evil even after it that he discovers his magic-talent. But he can be displeased, and then... well, then it had better to avoid him, because his best hobby in those days to collect sprites. Yes, he collects sprites as men collects stamps... he can command to sprites... These sprites aare not something "soul of a human", but something more similar to the sprites of the "Arabian nights", so they are extremely dangerous.
This is just my first book about him, but he can be found even many of my books, however not in each of them.