Regarding language learning specially Hungarian

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Regarding language learning specially Hungarian

Postby John-the-Handyman » 2017-04-04, 10:25

Hi.  I came across Unilang (for Hungarian) one of my travels on the internet when trying to find something that could teach me some the glorious Hungarian language. I found, though, that the more I get into it the more it does my head in.  But I think your way of trying to unpick the complicatedness of it all is, as far as I'm concerned, about the best.  It helps to explain why things are as they are.  Still extremely hard though....!    I've been trying to work out and understand how and why babies and indeed young children pick up and learn language at all.  After all they don't have lessons or read books and things do they.   But it seems that they must learn and assimilate language purely by some sorts of repetition with relation to something that is going on around them! ….And this is perhaps how they really learn and pick up stuff.  When they keep hearing things like...."Don't you look pretty.   Where's your doll.  There's a good girl.   Let me change your nappy. Do you want your milk?    Etc  etc   etc.  They aren't actually being taught grammar or anything but at the same time they are learning the use of the words actually in the right context, and sure as eggs are eggs they slowly remember everything don't they? It also means that even by the age of, say two, they have accumulated more stuff that I could ever hope to have accumulated in the same amount of time as an eager adult...... Without those references to what is around you then just hearing the words makes it far harder to learn.  I mean that even just listening to things like "Pepper Pig” in Hungarian  on u-tube still sounds like a load of Chinese because you haven't had the opportunity to learn short pieces of sentences attached to what is around you there and then.  I hope you can understand what I am trying to convey.  But I still applaud your method of explanations of stuff....  And also your dedication for even trying to help people like me to further my understanding of the Hungarian language.  (Makes me wish I was a baby again....)   Do you agree with any of what I have said?  Do you think that kind of learning would help?  I know it would be difficult to put into practice via the medium of a computer screen or even a sheet of paper. I would be interested in any thoughts or comments.  Thanks.  'John the Handyman'

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Re: Regarding language learning specially Hungarian

Postby konlab » 2017-05-10, 15:15

(Before I post, this is my first post and hi everybody)

You can learn like that as an adult, too. Babies are fully immersed by the language, every hour they aren't sleeping they listen and listen. I did the same thing with english youtube. 4 Years ago I started watching English youtube instead of the hungarian one (okay, let's divide youtube into categories by language, if you "travel on the internet" by clicking links only you can't just easily switch language). I watched english youtube daily, at the beginning I didn't understand a word of it, lol. I knew only basic words and very basic grammar: present continuos (how the heck do you spell that) and simple and that's it, I guess. I've watched english youtube every day since then, visited english forums with my crap english and talked with people and I didn't do anything else language learning-y that would improve my english. I know that my english is definitely isn't perfect, people sometimes point at my mistakes, but compared to that A1-A2 level I was on 4 years ago, you must admit I made some progress.
You can do that very easily with hungarian, if you have the time and motivation...

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