Egy kereső valamiért

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Egy kereső valamiért

Postby wilsonsamm » 2016-08-04, 15:22

I am trying to work out what case goes with kereső. I wondered about -ért as the notion of "for the purpose of". :hmm:
Can you say "kereső valamiért" to mean "searcher for a thing", a something finder?

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Re: Egy kereső valamiért

Postby Levike » 2016-08-04, 16:15

Valamit kereső

Keresek valamit = I am searching for something
Keresem X-et = I am searching for X

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Re: Egy kereső valamiért

Postby Levo » 2016-10-07, 16:01

Search Engine is simply "kereső" in coloquial Hungarian. Wasn't it that you meant?

For example, in tools and programs where there is the searching screen popping up or there is a searching line somewhere, we call it: "a keresője" or more precisely: keresőmező

"Írd be a keresőjébe, hogy...!"

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