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Learn Hungarian with Stories and Spaced Repetition

Posted: 2016-06-25, 21:33
by ittolaja
Hi All,

I created an App (currently for Android and Windows) to learn Hungarian with stories and SRS.

Reading stories where the manually added meaning in context and correct conjugation of every word is immediately available speeds up learning. It also teaches you high to medium frequency words just by reading. Combining this with spaced repetition practice for medium to low frequency words completes the picture.


Here's a link to my Android and Windows Apps using this method. PM me if you don't want to install the Amazon App store App for this and you want a direct link to the package from the shop. Using the Amazon link is better for the App's ratings I suppose. I'm planning to come up with an iOS version as well soon.

HypLern Hungarian Reader for Android download on Amazon or see content info here
HypLern Hungarian Reader for Windows download at Microsoft or see content info here

If you want to support this project please go to and buy the pdf or software versions. If you dislike pdf's (ugly Icon in Kindle) check out the Amazon Kindle versions. Or give reviews on Amazon for example. The idea is to add content to every language to a certain extend (up to 100,000 words? 200,000 words? Open for discussion, should be quite varied like short stories or multi-subject articles). Because of the method (read, re-read for hi-to-medium and practice for medium-to-low freq vocab using built-in SRS) a more limited amount of material is needed in a shorter study time to become independent reader.

Thanks to all the people that helped me get this off the ground, and thank you for still reading this at the last line ;)

Ittolaja :)

Re: Learn Hungarian with Stories and Spaced Repetition

Posted: 2016-07-06, 19:30
by ittolaja
I added the version for Windows (10). Apple should be next. If you want any version for free just PM me :)