Traffic fine translation

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Traffic fine translation

Postby phalkone » 2016-06-04, 8:18

Hi everybody,

Got a traffic fine in Hungary and I've been doing my best to understand the website. I managed to make the payment and my credit card company says it was approved. The website of the police said to try again. Now when I try again the amount is 0 and I can't continue. Since the website is in Hungarian it is hard to figure out if I payed or not. Can somebody please translate the following and tell me what you think. Is it payed or not? I don't trust google translate because there's only slight difference "to be payed" and "payed".

45 000 Ft

45 000 Ft

0 Ft


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Re: Traffic fine translation

Postby Levo » 2016-07-11, 11:05

So sad no-one translated for you so far.

Bírság összege: Sum of the fine

Befolyt összeg: entrata (the sum that has been transferred already)

Befizetendő összeg: sum to be payed

Befizetés dátuma: Date of pay

For me it seems so that you have successfully transferred 45000 Ft to them.
The only strange thing is that the date of pay is blank.

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