Best books for Hungarian

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Best books for Hungarian

Postby Jacob_Kap » 2013-06-15, 16:14

Hey all,
I am planning to start learning the Hungarian language, but as I'm barely home I wanted to buy a good book which I could take with me outside.
What are some good books for learning Hungarian?
How about the Complete Hungarian: A Teach Yourself Guide? is it good?
Is there any other series for learning languages you could recommend me to buy?

Thank you!
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Re: Best books for Hungarian

Postby Levo » 2013-06-18, 12:58

I'm always like "Ahh, I should memorize some books for Hungarian learners" when I'm at language book-shops, but I cannot answer to your question properly :/

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Lalaith en Noldor
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Re: Best books for Hungarian

Postby Lalaith en Noldor » 2013-06-21, 12:26

My recommendation would be to use Lépésenként magyarul 1/2. Although these books are intended for studying in a group (they're written in Hungarian and provide little explanation for grammar, thus leaving it to the teachers), combining them with a grammar book, audio material and a dictionary is a bingo. I have no idea what's TY Hungarian like, but according to my experiences with TY Finnish/Catalan, I wouldn't learn by it. Colloquial Hungarian is not a bad book for beginners, but I got bored after a while. Halló, itt Magyarország 1/2 is quite old now - the vocabulary is okay, but the texts and situations are prehistoric. :P Hungarolingua is apparently okay, but I've never learned by it so I can't tell you my opinion on it. There is also a bilingual hu-eng grammar book called "Gyakorló magyar nyelvtan", very useful, lots of examples, explanations and exercises.

Good luck with your Hungarian! :)
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