Can I get a transcription of this?

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Can I get a transcription of this?

Postby spinny » 2013-06-07, 17:08

A famous aria, sung in Hungarian rather than Italian, however.

If anyone could transcribe this, that would be very nice. And if someone was so kind as to supply the IPA as well, I would be so happy.

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Re: Can I get a transcription of this?

Postby Levike » 2013-06-07, 18:47

It's pretty hard to understand what he's screaming :(
This is what I understood at the beginning

irgalmazz Istenem
o halgasd szómat
fölséges Úr
sok súlyos vétkem el kell nézd
térdem látsd pórba hull
orcád felém
szent égi lény
... add hogy ne érjen ..
Nem egy nap alatt épült Buda vára.

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