What makes Hungarian hard?

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Re: What makes Hungarian hard?

Postby france-eesti » 2016-10-11, 16:28

Yeah, after a few days of it maturating inside my brain, I'm finally starting the digestion.
But I still have to wonder if the place is a building, or someone's building, or a surface... and if "I put it there", is it "ba" or "ban" (as it is the movement, I guess it is "ba" but as the stuff itself isn't doing the movement... I am unsure).

but yeah that is indeed finally not the hardest. I'm back to verbal prefixes (and words very similar to each other - I did another one of my big mistakes) => I wanted to write "your sister" (a húgod) but for no reason, I thought a "y" was needed somewhere and I wrote "a húgyod") (oh, yes...) :shock:

(Fortunately, this time my conversation partner has a nice sense of humor) :lol:
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