garavi sokak-Hungarian

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garavi sokak-Hungarian

Postby eltigre » 2012-05-21, 9:15

This is not related to Hungarian language but with culture.

this is a song by band from Novi Sad. The lyrics is Serbian, off course. But melody seems to me quite Hungarian. Precisely Hungarian Gipsy.

Am I correct?

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Re: garavi sokak-Hungarian

Postby Bondi » 2012-05-22, 20:42

To tell the truth, this sounds more like a Polish piosenka biesadna/weselna (mulatós/lakodalmas dal), because I hear a lot of Bavarian (Bayern) influence in this as well.

There are songs from Vajdaság that has both Serbian and Hungarian lyrics, for example this Gipsy song:

Evo banke / Százas bankó

To hear Hungarian Gipsy mulatós songs, just search for "Horváth Pista" on Youtube. He was a famous Gipsy musician. Listen to this short medley:

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