Hungarian dance music / magyar tanczenét találom

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Hungarian dance music / magyar tanczenét találom

Postby jsami33 » 2011-07-12, 21:02

This is a little of topic, but

what is currently the best dance music sung in hungarian?
Googling around I found Kasza Tibor, Crystal and Kati Wolf - but can anyone recommend me some good dance music stuff sung in hungarian?

Kéresek jó magyar tanczenét. Találtom a Kasza Tibort, Crystalt is Kati Wolfot, de ki pillanatnyi népszerûak Magyarországon?

Újra köszönöm mindenkinek

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Re: Hungarian dance music / magyar tanczenét találom

Postby ciniminii » 2011-08-30, 14:09

Hi! :)
I don't really like Kasza Tibor or Crystal, but Kati Wolf I think really good :) She's from X-Factor, you can find some songs that she sang.

We have teen popstars, like Lola, Barbee or Fluor, but we have better music, for example Máté Péter, Neoton Familia, LGT - theese are the classics.
Musical singers are Szinetár Dóra, Bereczki Zoltán, Dolhai Attila, and she isn't musical singer, but I think you should listen her: Zsédenyi Adrienn.
We have bands too: Hooligans, Unique etc.

Sorry for the late answer.
I hope I could help you :)
När själen flyger, gör aldrig fel ♡

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