monkey, buck, stone

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monkey, buck, stone

Postby Abavagada » 2011-05-15, 13:44

I am working with some Hungarian, and looking for the word for "monkey".

I find that it is "majom".. but other translations are:
ötszáz dollár
ötszáz font
500 dollár
500 font

ötszáz = 500
dollár = buck

Can someone explain this meaning of "500 buck" = "monkey"?
Also "14 font" = "stone"?

Erik / Aba
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Re: monkey, buck, stone

Postby CoBB » 2011-05-15, 15:31

Abavagada wrote:Can someone explain this meaning of "500 buck" = "monkey"?

I assume the dictionary you used also has a slang entry for ‘monkey’ that’s supposed to mean ‘500 dollars/pounds’. Never heard that myself.

Abavagada wrote:Also "14 font" = "stone"?

That’s an imperial unit of mass. Google for ‘1 stone in lb’.
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