Affectionate diminutives

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Affectionate diminutives

Postby wonderlandoflis » 2010-11-01, 16:25

Hi there -- I'm writing a character in a piece of NaNoWriMo and I would like to be accurate regarding terms of endearment/diminutives used in different settings.

I would like to know what one would use instead of 'sweetie' 'hon' 'dear' etc toward one's friends, and one's family, be they throwaway remarks (the way we use 'hon' in every day life) or an actual significant thing. I'd also like to know what one would use for a woman speaking to a man or woman she is intimate with: affectionate terms.

Could anyone help me, please?

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Re: Affectionate diminutives

Postby ''' » 2010-11-01, 16:55

we use a few

édesem - my sweet
kicsikém - my small [one] (dimminutive)
szivem - my heart
drágám - my dear (as in expensive, same as the enlgish dear)
szerelmem - my love
bogárkám - my beetle (dimminutive)
életem - my life
cicám - my kitty

szerelmem and bogárkám are more for partners but the others are appropriate for ones childrem.
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Re: Affectionate diminutives

Postby CoBB » 2010-11-01, 18:11

''' wrote:szívem - my heart

But yeah, it’s mostly pronounced with a short i.

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