song translation

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song translation

Postby Gyllenstierna » 2009-01-17, 8:44

Sziastok! :) There's one Hungarian song, which I admire. Unfortunately, I'm not able to fully understand it, as I've just started learning Hungarian..
The title of the song is: Azt gondoltam, eso esik [Muzsikas], the lyrics can be found here:
I would be very happy if somebody could translate it to English for me :)

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Re: song translation

Postby BezierCurve » 2009-01-22, 13:42

No answers? I'll give it a try then... Now look what you've done! :D
(I put a question mark every time I wasn't sure, but soon it looked like the twenty questions game, so I removed them all).

Azt gondoltam eső esik,
Pedig a szemem könnyezik

I think of it as of rain
But it's my eyes that get wet

Az én szemem sűrű felhő,
S onnat(?) ver engem az eső.

There are thick clouds in my eyes
That's where it rains

Gyere rózsám béküljünk meg,
Mi egymásnak engedjünk meg.

My dear, let's make peace
Give up something to each other

Mindig voltak kik így jártak,
Mind megengedtek egymásnak.

Always wished that people did so
That they yield to each other

Nyújtsad kezed, bár egy felet,
Bár még egy szót szóljak veled.

Give me a hand, or just half of it (= 0.5 of 2 hands = 1 hand???)
Let me have one more word with you

Nyújtsad kezed keresztesen,
Búcsúzzunk el örökösen!

Make a cross with your hand
- We're parting forever!

Úgy fáj az én gyönge szívem,
Nem tom tied fáj-e vagy nem.

My weak heart hurts so much,
I don't know if it hurts you too or not.

Fáj es annak mit tudsz tenni,
Mikor ennek így kell lenni.

It hurts and you know what to do with it (or just: what to do with it?)
When you just have to do it that way.

S ha a tied úgy tud fájni,
Sohasem tudunk megválni.

And if... ok, you got me here completely :)
We'll never learn to change it.

You've probably had a good laugh by now. :mrgreen:

EDIT: I asked my Hungarian friends to have a quick look at the lyrics and they weren't sure about the author's intentions in a few lines... So I guess it might be troublesome.
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Re: song translation

Postby ''' » 2009-01-22, 16:59

I thought it was raining
but my eyes were tearing up

my eyes are thick clouds
and the rain beats me from there [the word should be either onnan or onne't]

come my rose let's make peace
we allow one another [to make peace]

There were always those did so [or 'to whom things happened so']
they all allowed one another [megengedte'k]

give me your hand, even just a half [saying that even half a hand is enough, though fe'l kezu" means one handed]
let me have one more word with you

extend your arms as a cross [I have no idea what that means]
let's say farewell for ever [double z, it's imperative]

my weak heart hurts so much
I don;t know whether yours hurts or not

It hurts and what can you do about it [mit tudsz tenni is just "what can you do? the dative is used usually with treating medical symptoms I think]
When this needs to be thus

and if yours can hurt so [lit. in that way]
we'll never be able to separate [va'ltani, va'ltozni, and va'ltoztatni mean to change, va'lni is to separate]

hope this clears some things up, I'm sure I missed one or two things myself so wait for confirmation.

P.S. this mac seems to have severe issues, among them, it can;t covert because if I hit the convert button, it removes the focus from the writing box.
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Re: song translation

Postby Gyllenstierna » 2009-06-21, 17:24


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Re: song translation

Postby Levo » 2009-06-22, 18:06

BezierCurve wrote:
[color=#0040FF]Give me a hand, or just half of it (= 0.5 of 2 hands = 1 hand???)

Yes, and I always forget that it can be surprising for foreigners. Other expressions with fél- :

BezierCurve wrote:You've probably had a good laugh by now. :mrgreen:

Sometimes I do smile about these translations, but it is never about the grammar, or the mistakes of the pioneer who tries it, but that, at these occasions one gains a little insight in the logic of the "student" and it's fun :)

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