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Re: Music

Postby kman1 » 2009-09-14, 19:44

Jolien wrote:Zene amit én nagyon szeretem:

Music I really like:

Takács Tamás: Pocsolyába léptem
Tankcsapda: Adjon az ég

hmm, i liked those two songs. i don't like rock music much but the "adjon az eg" was ok.

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Re: Music

Postby Jolien » 2009-09-14, 20:50

Haha, that's okay...

Ruzsa Magdi is the winner of the Hungarian Idols, well... She won a few years ago. That song is rather pop-blues-ish.

The Peterfy Bori song is also pop I think, so there's some non-rock... I just love Tankcsapda from the moment I first heard them... :B It became even better when I started to actually understand the lyrics. :blush:

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Re: Music

Postby IvoCarog » 2011-01-17, 21:32

i think nobody has mentioned Kormorán:

Nimród unokája
A szeretet himnusza

it's too bad i don't have much free time right now :( i really want to learn some Hungarian...
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Re: Music

Postby Rokas » 2011-03-09, 21:40

Can someone give me the text (and a translation :oops: :) ) for this marvellous Hungarian song: ... re=related

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