szőr, haj

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szőr, haj

Postby Glottomany » 2021-04-21, 15:26

Hi there,

I am right in thinking that szőrök refers only to the hairs on the body, and hajak to the hairs on someone's head?

And that the singular form of these words (szőr and haj) is only used to talk about single, individual hairs? – unlike the English word hair, which refers also to all the hairs together (e.g. we say 'she had her hair cut', 'he has hair on his legs', not 'she had her hairs cut', etc.).

Köszönöm szépen!

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Re: szőr, haj

Postby france-eesti » 2021-04-29, 12:46

I think you must use them in singular, as "fog" (tooth/teeth)

A hajam szürke
Fáj a fogam

If you want to be specific, use "egyik" (one of...)

A lányomnak fáj egyik foga (my daughter has a toothpain - one of her teeth)
Találtam egyik hajadat a földön (I found one of your hair on the floor) :partyhat:
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