szeret-, tetszik etc. Are there really differences?

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szeret-, tetszik etc. Are there really differences?

Postby chung » 2018-12-30, 20:19

I've recently come to grips in Turkish about the subtleties of translating "to like", and am wondering about how it works in a few other languages including Hungarian. What is the difference between:

i) kedvel-
ii) szeret-
iii) tetszik

I do know that "tetszik" is different from the others in that its structure is better translated as "to appeal to sb/sg" rather than "to like". However are there situations where natives prefer to use "kedvel-" over "szeret-" (and vice-versa)? What are some other ways Hungarians could use to translate "to like"? (i.e. did I miss including other verbs that Hungarians use to translate "to like" etc.?)

As I learn more languages, the more I realize that few true synonyms exist. It's more accurate to think of matters as a few words overlapping in meaning or register but the nuances remain distinct and beyond the grasp of a learner or not always covered in a big dictionary.

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