Need help to check with the translation

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Need help to check with the translation

Postby DannyAlex » 2020-11-29, 4:29

Merhaba! Hello!

First and foremost, let me inform that I am renewing my interest in Turkish. I was attracted to this language when I watch Turkish football, then I had two friends from Erzurum, and after 7 years, there are Turkish series/movies/news which renewed my attention towards this language. So the small step, I tried to translate some basic conversation into Turkish. So I need a kind help with the verification of my translation..

Merhaba (Hello)
Merhaba Delon bey ( Hello Mr Delon)
Nasılsınız ? (How are you ?)
Ben iyiyim, teşekkür ederim. Ya siz ? (I am fine, thank you. How about you?)
Ben de iyiyim. Sizin adınız nedir? (I am fine too. What is your name?)
Adım Gérald. (My name is Gérald)
Siz fransalı misiniz ? (Are you French?)
Hayır , Fransalı değilim (No, I am not French)
Yani, Fransizca öğrenir misiniz? (So, do you learn French language?)
Evet, Fransizca öğrenirsiniz (Yes, I learn French language)
Çocuğunuz var misiniz? (Do you have children?)
Evet, benim iki oğlum ve bir kızım var. Onların isimleri Mario ve David, ve onun adı Alicia (Yes, I have two sons/boys and one daughter/girl. The boys name are Mario and David, and the girl is Alicia)
Karın, kızın adı ne? (And your wife, what is her name?)
Onun adı Juliette. O bir fransız. (Her name is Juliette. She is French)
Gerald, taniştiğımıza memnun oldum. Gitmeliyim. Görüşürüz ! (Gérald, nice to meet you. I need to get going. See you soon!)
Görüşürüz efendi. (See you soon sir)

Teşekkurler! Stay safe everyone!

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