Help on cizye defter translation

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Help on cizye defter translation

Postby deliic » 2018-03-13, 18:12

Greetings everyone,

in past couple of months I have been working on translation of one late 18th century cizye defter. I have no formal education on subject and I dont know turkish, but with lot of effort I have managed to translate almost all of personal names and names of places. Only problem that I cant solve are some little marks and notes, I have idea what they could be but I don't have anyone who I could ask about what they are. I would aprecciate any help.

Problem 1:



I assume that these marks are marks for married males. On first picture second male has some different mark and is taxed with more tax than others, and on second picture first man has also different mark, but they marks differ and I don't know what is the meaning of that marks.

Best regards

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