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Postby eskandar » 2017-08-05, 14:21

It does indeed mean "what" in Sudanese Arabic (it's pronounced shinu but I didn't notice if the guy said it correctly or my brain just autocorrected it, haha). This word is also used in Moroccan and Iraqi dialects. Supposedly the etymology is from classical ayy shay2in huwa as shu is from ayy shay huwa and esh and eih are from ayy shay.
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Re: General Discussion

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-09-24, 3:45

I like how the entire time, the host has his hand on the translator's shoulder. Like "don't be too nervous about doing a shitty translation job on camera for the world to see! It's okay!" :lol: And then after that, the translator had to use three languages to confirm that this Sudanese guy was wearing shoes made of tiger skin.

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