Turkish Dialects

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Re: Turkish Dialects

Postby gvm40 » 2014-06-29, 12:39

I'd like to bump this thread :D

Ektoras wrote:In Ankara and in Central Anatolia, for instance, you will notice that k usually becomes a hard h between vowels, and it's pronounced as a simple g in other instances:
Ankara → Angara
Yaptık → Yaptıh

In the East and Southeast Anatolia (this is also true for some parts of Central Anatolia), the nasal n, which doesn't exist in Standard Turkish, is still alive.
Bana → Baŋa

And the verbal forms are simpler:
Yapıyor musun → Yapıyoŋŋu
Yapmıyorum → yapmaayoŋ (Central Anatolia)

And what could be a better way to illustrate this?


[hide](this is with standard Turkish ortography)

İp attım ucu kaldı da
Darazda gücü kaldı (x2)
Ben sevdim eller aldı (da)
İçimde acı kaldı (x2)

Ankara'nın bağları da
Büklüm büklüm yolları
Ne zaman sarhoş oldun da
Kaldıramıyon kolları (x2)

Anmayı yüke koydum da
Ağzını büke koydum (x2)
Aldın yarî elimden
Boynumu büke koydun (x2)

Ankara'nın bağları da
Büklüm büklüm yolları
Ne zaman sarhoş oldun (da)
Kaldıramıyon kolları (x2)


Astarda urganım var da
Yün basma yorganım var (x2)
O yar senin (benim) derlerse (de)
On koyun kurbanım var (x2)

Ankara'nın bağları da
Büklüm büklüm yolları
Ne zaman sarhoş oldun da
Kaldıramıyon kolları (x2)[/hide]

- the trilled "r"s
- nasal "n"s
- s -> z
- k -> g
- words that already have "g/ğ"s become aspirated
- "yorsun" -> "yoñ" (second person singular negative suffix)
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Re: Turkish Dialects

Postby mihas2 » 2015-07-17, 6:54

My family is a Turkic-speaking Greek of Caucasus. In 1979 there were about 37000 Turkic-speaking Greeks in USSR. The main region of Turkic-speaking Greeks in Georgia is Tsalka (before 1930 the name was "Barmahsiz" wich means "without fingers") and they were the majority, 27000 Greeks were speaking Turkish and 4000 were speaking Pontic Greek. The whole region had about 46000 people, 12000 Armenians and 3000 Azeris. So the language we spoke is the Erzurum dialect of the Turkish language, because the majority of the Turkic-speaking Greeks came from there in the period 1829-1831 after the Ottoman-Russian war. But the language of Turkic-speaking Greeks has big influence from the Russian language.
Some examples:
TCG (Turkish of Caucasus Greeks)-halh (people), Stand. Turkish-halk, Erzurum dialect-halh/halk
TCG-gəldıh (we came), Stand. Turkish-geldık, Erz. dialect-gəldıh
TCG-torpağ (soil), Stand. Turkish- toprak, Erz dialect-torpağ/toprağ, Azeri-torpax
TCF - Bən kövümə gidirım (I am going to my village)
Stand Turkish - Ben köyüme gidiyorum
Erz. dialect - Bən köyümə gidirem
Azeri - Mən kəndimə gidirəm
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Re: Turkish Dialects

Postby md0 » 2015-07-24, 13:28

I found this online, I wish I could understand more of it.

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Re: Turkish Dialects

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-08-05, 6:19

Does anybody know anything about features that are particular to Turkish as spoken in the Balkans? Are there any varieties of Turkish that are spoken there and different from Turkish as spoken in Turkey? Are these different from Gagauz and Balkan Gagauz Turkish? I've noticed that some songs from the Balkans that are claimed to be in Turkish have some features that at least seem different to me from the standard variety in Turkey.

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