Ottoman texts - عثمانلی ترکجه‌سی متینلر

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Re: Ottoman texts - عثمانلی ترکجه‌سی متینلر

Postby bcalkins » 2017-06-16, 19:53

I am hoping one of you can help to translate the text on the inside of this fez. The Ottoman coat-of-arms dates it to the Imperial period and I have learned that the fez was acquired around the 1917/18 period. So I am assuming that this is Ottoman script.

My thinking is that this fez was made at the Imperial fez factory in Eyüp, however, only translating the script may confirm this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you need a higher resolution image, please email me at
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Re: Ottoman texts - عثمانلی ترکجه‌سی متینلر

Postby anamarija » 2020-01-20, 22:05


can someone help me translate to English (or Turkish) what is written on this Ottoman miniature painting?


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