Sultana - Kuşu Kalkmaz (NEED ENGLISH PART)

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Sultana - Kuşu Kalkmaz (NEED ENGLISH PART)

Postby synni1 » 2007-03-20, 13:30

Hi, actually I'm wrong here, as I want the correct (!) English part of this song, but if I post in English forum, it might be overlooked as the song is less known outside Turkey, where it caused quite a bit riot in 2000 :lol:
The song means "Your bird can't fly" and yes, it's about sexual inferiority. It always makes me LOL when Sultana kicks her extremely naughty rhymes :twisted:

BUT ... the English part is nowhere in the net transcribed *CORRECTLY*! What is "faul"? Is that German or what?

My transcription is not perfect yet, but more close to what Sultana raps: { } = unclear

{ I'm a-kick it }, for my { boy } while you ask how
Cause people in the world are living so foul
I manifest a tune about this, aye:
"Kuşu kalkmaz" means: "your bird can't fly"!
While wife and kids are locked up at home
And you're at the strip club,
head it for the zone
{ Brizzle } and ice sucked up all your stones
And by the time you get back { your baby done groan }
Cause you were stuck at the spot like a fool to { ??? }
Trying to get at what the new girl got
Not conscious of the family
Not acting like a father
When you've seen her in the light,
Man that's your daughter!

Thanks in advance.

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Postby Alcadras » 2007-03-20, 16:33

LOOOL! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Postby synni1 » 2007-03-20, 19:27

You're laughing out loud about the song, I guess?

Well, I BURSTED out laughing when I understood what the lyrics were aiming at. Was greatly banned in Turkey back in 2000 because some guys apparently did NOT like to be described like this :lol

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Re: Sultana - Kuşu Kalkmaz (NEED ENGLISH PART)

Postby StenoLisa » 2018-01-25, 22:28

I have a tiny correction:
"By the time you get home, your baby done grown."
I love this song and stumbled across it on late night world music. :D

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