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Postby Mats Norberg » 2020-05-01, 20:22

Hello! My name is Mats and I'm from Sweden.
This is the first time I post on Unilang/latin. I used to dwell on the finnish forum here at Unilang but that forum is almost empty, almost none posts there. I home the latin forum is a little more lively. I study finnish and latin. I'm quite a newbe in latin, which I started on last spring. I'm slightly more advanced in finnish, which I have studied in 3 years. My native language is Swedish and English is my second language which I stared to learn in school long, long ago.

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Re: Hello!

Postby Hoogstwaarschijnlijk » 2020-05-20, 19:10

Hey Mats, I just started Latin too :) How do you learn it?
Native: Dutch
Learns: Latin and baby signs
Knows also (a bit): English, German, Turkish, French, Danish

Corrections appreciated.

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