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Re-activating forgotten Latin for ES/PT/IT/FR verbs

Posted: 2018-11-10, 5:54
by langmon
In the past, I already had been learning Latin for a few years.

However, I forgot most of it, other than it still being alive inside me :) in the form of Spanish and French, and, to a lesser degree, Italian and Portuguese.

When I was learning Latin, it was all about grammar/vocabulary drills and rote memorization.

How to re-activate the forgotten verb conjugations knowledge in order to be able to remember the verb conjugations of ES/PT/IT/FR?

Re: Re-activating forgotten Latin for ES/PT/IT/FR verbs

Posted: 2018-11-13, 6:48
by vijayjohn
Maybe try comparing them? Verb forms in the Romance languages generally seem to be pretty similar to the ones that were used in Latin.

Re: Re-activating forgotten Latin for ES/PT/IT/FR verbs

Posted: 2018-11-13, 7:34
by langmon
vijayjohn wrote:Maybe try comparing them? Verb forms in the Romance languages generally seem to be pretty similar to the ones that were used in Latin.

Yes, the Romance Inter-Language Verb Table Comparison Technique does indeed have some merits.

And without subtracting anything from its significance, I also and in addition would like to mention another aspect. Because whenever it is about something that isn't either pure black or pure white, I'd like to look at both sides :).

When I was using some Multi-Language Romance Verb Tables, there was an especially pleasant effect. This is realizing that my choice of having learned Latin first, instead of French (I "had" to choose between those two at school, much more than a decade ago), really did have some useful after-effects.

[If I would start mentioning what my overall point of view of a multitude of school-related aspects is, this would be a very, very long post. Also it could spawn a conversation that could be too controversial for a topic I don't even consider among the most important ones. So I am not doing it.]

And there also was another, additional, effect when looking at multi-language verb tables (for Romance languages). There also was some, you know, micro-confusion. Similar to looking at multi-language Romance word lists. There is both a "making things easier" aspect, and a "sensing a mild feeling of being puzzled" aspect. Both of them are related to these similarities.

So what I am still trying to do is "etwas auszufuchsen, das dazu beitragen kann, dass man sich die verschiedenen romanischen Verben so richtig gut merken kann, und das auch noch ohne irgendetwas auswendig zu lernen".

Of course I am translating it right now. It means: "I am still trying to do an activity where I would act just as a Sly Fox. If there are any sufficient results of that thinking process, then the Idea Output would be something that can contribute to be able to easily recall the verbs of different Romance languages. And this wouldn't include any memorization even".

As for Spanish, there are some verbs that I possibly couldn't forget easily even if I was trying very hard to make these memories fade away.

Among them are especially some High Frequency Spanish Verb Forms, like:
- eres
- es
- soy
- estoy
- estaba
- fue
- digo
- quisiera

I'd really like to be able to advance with the Spanish verbs, which would include being able to recall more of them in the same easy way.

And I'd also like to start doing the same with those of "my" other four Romance languages (FR, IT, PT, RO).

This could be done by learning one language's verbs at one time.

And it also could be done by learning more of them at the same time, while doing some additional mindset/etc. related things that make it easier to recall verb forms that are
- either entirely the same in more than one language,
- or slightly different.

In the case of "slightly different" there also would be some need of a Mental Language Interlinking Tool that supports not mixing them up.

However, there still are some dots I need to connect in order to know how exactly this could be done.

Re: Re-activating forgotten Latin for ES/PT/IT/FR verbs

Posted: 2018-11-16, 7:24
by langmon
These are some Coming Closer to a Full Answer Puzzle Pieces related to how to mentally interlink Romance verbs from several languages to each other. As soon as we would have a complete solution, it would be something can aid remembering them, while not only not increasing the probability of mixing them up, but even decreasing this very probability!

- It can be helpful to make an unique emotional connection to each of these languages. One connection for one language.

- Also it can be helpful to realize _why_ exactly a certain verb ending is this in Spanish, but that in Portuguese

- If some verbs forms are Entirely the Very Same in all of ES FR IT ES (or even plus RO, too, but not too sure of the possibility), then this is also another interesting aspect.

- When some verb forms greatly differ (for example, ES <-> FR), then remembering this, from a certain perspective, is just like remembering how baguette, for example, is called in both of Spain and France.

If anyone (no matter if vijayjohn or someone else) has some puzzle pieces, too, then I am Definitely Looking Forward to Hear from You.