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Latina - Vijay

Posted: 2018-01-14, 5:26
by vijayjohn
Hīc vocābulārium in linguā Latīnā scrībam. ("Thread" quōmodo dīcitur?).
I'll write (my) vocabulary in (the) Latin (language :P) here. (How do you say "thread"?)

needle, pin = acus
sting, spine, thorn = aculeus
I practice = meditor
(the name) that/which I used to use = (nōmen) quō ūtēbar
small box, chest, satchel(?) = capsula
pearls and gems = margaritae gemmaeque
indeed, in fact = quidem
truly, indeed, certainly, for my part = equidem
it is the interest of all = interest omnium
it is my interest (as an orator) = interest mea ōrātōris
I remind, put in mind, impress upon, bring to recollection = commoneō
I go into/onto, enter (upon), engage in, apply myself to, begin, commence, advance, proceed, march, walk/move in/towards = ingredior
below, beneath, underneath = subter (+ acc. or abl.)
I stop, stay, remain, linger, delay, (am) detain(ed) = commoror
bull calf = vitulus
I expose to view, exhibit, show = ostendō
stone, milestone, boundary stone, etc. = lapis
I feed, nourish, maintain, support, (drive to) pasture, attend, supply, cultivate, graze, consume, lay waste, ravage, desolate ( :P ) = pāscō
father-in-law = socer
bramble, blackberry (bush), raspberry = rubus
since, for, now that = quoniam
although = ut (+ subj.)
from here = hinc
I appear, am visible, am apparent = pāreō
ascent, scaling (of wall), approach = ascensus
is:ille :: inde:illinc
anew, afresh, again = dēnuō
opinion, teaching, theory, decree, sentence, suit, litigation, plea = placitum
route, road (among other meanings) = iter
I had done = fēceram

Re: Latina - Vijay

Posted: 2018-11-15, 5:29
by vijayjohn
power to help = ops, genitive opis
resources, wealth = opēs
want, need, scarcity = pēnūria
want, need, poverty = egestās
supply, abundance = cōpia
troops, forces = cōpiae
(wet) nurse = nūtrīx
teat, udder, richness, fruitfulness = ūber
fruitful, productive, copious, full, rich = ūber