How is eae pronounced in Church Latin?

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How is eae pronounced in Church Latin?

Postby Ser » 2011-01-14, 6:29

Would it be /ˈe.e/ or similar? I get that <ae> is usually pronounced as either Italian /e/ or /ɛ/, but I'm wondering what the output for this one would be, if anybody around here knows.

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Re: How is eae pronounced in Church Latin?

Postby KingHarvest » 2011-01-14, 6:43

Yes, it would be /e.e/. I have no idea whether, if someone were going hardcore about it, it would be realized as [e] or [ɛ] though. I wouldn't be surprised if, when people were actually bothering to speak Ecclesiastical Latin, the entire word were just realized as [e] in fast speech.

If I ever bother to go to another Latin mass I'll try to listen to see what the priest does.
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Re: How is eae pronounced in Church Latin?

Postby Bernard » 2011-01-15, 14:02

Pronomen e-ae verbum est dyssyllabum; qua de causa dicere licet aut ĕ-ae (mos Anglicus: ĕ cf. Angl. pet; ae cf. Angl. high) aut ĕ-ε: (mos Germanicus, Italicus, ecclesiasticus).

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