Translation for a postcard

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Translation for a postcard

Postby maleins » 2010-07-09, 10:40

I live in Eichstätt, a catholic university town in Southern Germany. Despite the fact that there is Latin all around, I never learned it :(

I would like to send a postcard to a friend, and in keeping with the theme of the town, I would like to writing it in Latin. Can perhaps somebody translate this short text?

"Greetings from Eichstätt! Here you can see our beautiful cathedral. This postcard is a small precursor [German:Wegbereiter - I'm not sure if "precursor" is the correct translation. I mean something that clears the path for the next thing...] to a letter which will be with you soon, but it will be written in English!"

Thank you very much in advance!

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Re: Translation for a postcard

Postby thesaurus » 2010-07-19, 19:12

Salve, maleins.

Here is my attempt:

"Salutem tibi ex Eichstätt scribo! Ecce bella ecclesia nostra. Haec charta epistularia praecursor parvus est epistularum quae mox tibi aderunt, eae tamen Anglice scriptae!"

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