Is my translation correct?

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Is my translation correct?

Postby Leviwosc » 2010-04-27, 15:55


Crown prince William II of the Netherlands, later he will be known as: King William II of the Netherlands, gives this banner to the Sint Dionysius Gilde van Tilburg (Saint Dionysius City Guard of the municipality of Tilburg (Netherlands)) on May 14th 1840. There's a text written on the banner. It's in Latin and I think I know what it means, but I'd like to know whether my translation is correct.

Does: "PRINCEPS ARAUSICANUS CONFRATERNITATI" translate as: "Fraternity of the Prince of Orange" ?
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Re: Is my translation correct?

Postby KingHarvest » 2010-04-27, 18:34

"Prince of Orange in an act of fraternity with Saint Dionysius of Tilburg in the year blah blah blah"
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