Vertify a translation

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Vertify a translation

Postby Deldo » 2010-02-07, 20:16


I would like someone to vertify a translation.
It is "noli oblivisci unde venias"



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Re: Vertify a translation

Postby Babelfish » 2010-02-08, 15:39

"Don't forget where you're coming from".

(Literally, "noli" means "refuse, do not wish to", but I suppose here it can be taken simply as "don't")
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Re: Vertify a translation

Postby Nero » 2010-03-04, 2:13


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Re: Vertify a translation

Postby KingHarvest » 2010-03-06, 18:46

One of the two normal ways to express negative commands is through "noli(te) <plus> infinite." The other way is "ne <plus> subjunctive."
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