Letter H in Jawi script

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Letter H in Jawi script

Postby vtdl.pi@gmail.com » 2017-02-08, 21:45

Hello.I would like to know what letter to choose When I write jawi between /ح/and /ه/ to write /h/? As in "Bahasa" but not only. Thank you!

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Re: Letter H in Jawi script

Postby eskandar » 2017-02-08, 22:12

It depends on the word. Bahasa is spelled as بهاس , using ه . That would be the default for most words. However some (not all) Arabic-origin words will be spelled with ح for example haram (حرام) and halal (حلال).

By the way, I've moved this thread to the Indonesian/Malaysian forum.
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