Eeyah for yes?

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Eeyah for yes?

Postby fun2learn » 2015-02-22, 9:56

Can (Bahasa Indonesia:ya) be pronounced "eeyah" instead of "yah"?

Is their a difference in the pronunciations "eeyah" and "ya" as far as one being informal or something.

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Re: Eeyah for yes?

Postby vijayjohn » 2015-08-24, 3:38

I think "iya" is Malay whereas "ya" is Indonesian. I could be wrong, but that's the impression I get.

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Re: Eeyah for yes?

Postby DannyAlex » 2015-10-08, 2:18

In Central Malaysia we pronounce it like "year" though. :P

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Re: Eeyah for yes?

Postby masdeal » 2015-10-09, 3:21

Yes it can. Ya = iya (pronounced as eeyah) And there is no difference between this two.
Iya (eeyah) is used to anwer a question.
Q: Kamu lagi kerjain tugas sekolah ya?
A: Iya

But Ya is used for make sure things.
Q: Apakah kamu bersedia menjadikan dia sebagai suami/istri?
A: Ya, saya bersedia.

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