Need help translating some expressions

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Need help translating some expressions

Postby hellohello » 2011-01-13, 6:19


I need help translating the following expressions into Malay:

“supplier conflict”
“subcontractor conflict”
“supplier exploitation”
“subcontractor exploitation”
“supply chain problem”
“supply chain conflict”
“supply chain human rights”
“supply chain mismanagement”
“supplier mismanagement”
“supply chain issue”


“labour conflict”
“labour union conflict”
“work stoppage” (i.e. strike)
“employee mobbing”
“employee accidents”

As well as

“pollution accident”
“toxic leak”
“chemical accident”
“water pollution”
“environmental penalty”


“corruption case”
“bribery case”
“price fixing”
“court case”
“court order”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Need help translating some expressions

Postby najwa84 » 2011-02-18, 2:30

it seems you are doing some translation task?
we need Malay language expertise to do this, too technical for me althought i'm a native speaker :hmm:
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