What "bagna" means?

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What "bagna" means?

Postby siendall » 2010-08-03, 0:43

Hi, I hope that this phrase will not have a bad meaning, but I try to find out it means:

Rindu mu bagna campa jumpa

I hope that there is no misspelling, they send me an sms with this phrase and I don't what to answer!

Thank you

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Re: What "bagna" means?

Postby BubbaKiki » 2010-08-14, 17:39

bagna does not make sense in malay.
and campa is hardly ever used.

is that indonesian maybe ?

sms can be very deceiving as the technology brings with it it's very own language set, a phenomena all over the world. children use this new short hand version ( of any langauge ) a lot, and adults are beginning to catch up :silly:

>Rindu mu bagna campa jumpa

so my guess is this lass is trying to say she misses you and long to see you. you lucky devil.
( the last part isn't part of the sms )
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