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Starting Indonesian!

Posted: 2009-11-07, 0:13
by Veqq
For a variety of reasons I have decided to start this, and I was wondering, what resources would you recommend?

Re: Starting Indonesian!

Posted: 2009-11-07, 4:24
by Meera
I'm also thinking of learning Indonesian but so far i can't anything online....

Re: Starting Indonesian!

Posted: 2009-11-15, 23:47
by bluejay390
For anyone looking to learn a little Indonesian I put together a list of Indonesian and Malay resources over here. The resources that are specifically for Indonesian are:
Your Dream to Learn Indonesian Language Very nice blog with Indonesian lessons.
Kata-kata dasar A course designed by the Australian Government
Beginning Indonesian
Wikibook Indonesian Course
Kamus Online Indonesian to English and English to Indonesian Dictionary English to Indonesian dictionary
Indonesian Movie - Ayat Ayat Cinta Love this movie!
Various Indonesian movies and a few in English/other languages
Lots of Indonesian Movies
Indonesisch Blog (German) Blog in German about learning Indonesian.

I am actually learning Malay and not Indonesian so I cannot recommend a place to start but hopefully these links are somewhat helpful. :)

Re: Starting Indonesian!

Posted: 2009-11-24, 4:06
by vema123
Additional info for Indonesian Course where you can learn Indonesian language online via Skype.

Our Australian students:

Watch Our Indonesian language learning video:

Re: Starting Indonesian!

Posted: 2011-05-04, 7:54
by ceid donn
I am using the podcasts from so far, and I like them. I hope to make more progress in learning Indonesian this summer. I only started a few weeks ago, so I'm only on lesson 12.

I've used this site too--it goes into grammar a bit more:

I also got some sound files from this site, but there's no grammar. But the files are good for getting familiar with the sounds of Indonesian:

Re: Starting Indonesian!

Posted: 2012-04-17, 6:15
by johansan20000
Thank's for the info, I could suggest all those website to a friend that wants to learn indonesian. :D

Re: Starting Indonesian!

Posted: 2013-07-01, 16:36
by Meera
Veqq, you should go back to Indonesian :(