What does "NASSIM" mean

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What does "NASSIM" mean

Postby walkergas » 2008-10-27, 23:08

I live in England & the name of my cottage is "Nassim Cottage"
I am trying to find the meaning of the word Nassim.
The cottage was named by a man that worked in Singapore as a High Court Judge many years ago.
Hope you can help.
Chris Walker.

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Re: What does "NASSIM" mean

Postby eskandar » 2008-10-27, 23:36

I believe nasim means child in Malay. Also, Nassim (نسیم - naseem) means breeze in Arabic and Persian and is often used as a name in Muslim countries.
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Re: What does "NASSIM" mean

Postby polar » 2008-10-30, 12:50

Since it's of Arabic origin, I am sure the word refers to "breeze" as explained by eskandar. There's a feminine version Naseema(h) , also one of the favorite names used by Malays here.

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Re: What does "NASSIM" mean

Postby iChas » 2010-02-28, 20:33

There were quite a lot of people called Nassim in Singapore - and there is a Nassim Road, Nassim Hill, Nassim Park etc. They were sephardic Jews (their ancestors lived in Moorish Spain, until the Inquisition at the end of the 15th century). Later they settled in Syria, Egypt and Iraq. In the early 19th century, many of them moved East to Bombay, Calcutta, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
The name is probably the plural of 'nassi' meaning a village headman or minor authority.
If you have any more information on this previous owner of your cottage, please let me know - I'm a Nassim myself.

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