Good resources for Indonesian

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Good resources for Indonesian

Postby Kenny » 2008-10-11, 13:12

I'd like to start learning Indonesian and I thought that you guys could help me out a little by giving me some advices on where to learn from, because I'm not really sure. All help appreciated.

Thank you :).

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Re: Good resources for Indonesian

Postby Xmatixx » 2008-10-11, 14:28

I use Colloquial Indonesian and find it really helpful. Also, a dictionary is essential (but i'm sure that goes without saying):P
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Re: Good resources for Indonesian

Postby oshorewa » 2009-01-02, 8:06

Hi Kenny,

I've posted about various (most free) resources to learn Indonesian on my blog ... /resources

There are quite a few excellent sites which have native speakers and interesting ways of teaching.

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Check out my blog on Learning Indonesian / Malay.

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Re: Good resources for Indonesian

Postby vema123 » 2009-11-24, 4:24

You should try It is one of the best Indonesian language learning institution in Indonesia. And more importantly, they also have Online Indonesian language course (via Skype) for those who'd prefer to have online language course.

The teachers are fully certified and highly professional.

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Re: Good resources for Indonesian

Postby Hallas » 2010-02-27, 0:58

Here's a vocab list that I've been using:

There was a better one, but I can't find it right now. It was offered by the site below, "Hello-Indonesia". Perhaps you can find it.

Also there's a word-a-day club offered by Hello-Indonesia: ... signup.htm

Also do a search here for "Indonesian". You can even create your own flashcards there. They help a ton!

Semoga beruntung!

Edit - Here's a good online dictionary:
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Re: Good resources for Indonesian

Postby Tonic » 2010-12-28, 2:37


I have found this blog which looks like haven't been updated for a while, but has very useful vocabulary, mainly focus on false friends, differences btw malay and indonesian, also some javanese, etc. Don't miss the post on vocabulary related to computers.

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