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Re: New Learner

Postby 0stsee » 2011-12-19, 14:32

Saya ini Orang Indonésia mbak. ;-)

Cuma mémang sudah lama tdk di tanah air. Hix hix.. :(

Lama-lama kangen natalan tropis deh. :(
Ini tandatanganku.

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Re: New Learner

Postby thasyanvts » 2014-10-03, 15:24

It is kind of great to see foreigners who is interested in learning my language! I'm willing to help.
About learning bahasa actually, the grammar is so easy. you don't need any present tense or past tense like other languages do. Also there is no irregular verbs. All verbs here are regular, you just need to add some time signals, like :
Kemarin = Yesterday
Hari ini = Today
Baru saja = just now
Tadi siang = this afternoon
Kemarin malam = last night
Hari ini jam 4 sore = today on 4 pm
Pagi ini = this morning
Siang ini = this afternoon
Sore ini = this evening
Malam ini = tonight
however, you need to focus on your vocabulary. I suggest you to memorize 5 vocabularies per day. That would help you to learn faster.

Warm regards,
warm regards, thasya.

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