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Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2016-10-11, 1:45
by gemas
saya sangat menyukai lagu indonesia, khususnya dangdut
pertama mendengar driver at bali :ohwell:

sangat pumping!

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2016-12-24, 3:04
by bigben
Salah satu lagu Indonesia paling favorit saya adalah lagu nasional: Tanah Airku cipt. Ibu Soed.

Tanpa mengecilkan kebesaran lagu-lagu kebangsaan lainnya (terutama Indonesia Raya), saya selalu merinding dan terharu setiap kali mendengar lagu ini. Begitu anggun, damai, begitu khas Indonesia, menciptakan rasa bangga dan nasionalisme yang begitu besar.

Bisa didengar sendiri di sini:

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2017-03-20, 10:20
by gatot
Kalau lagu Indonesia yang saya sukai adalah lagu 'Mengheningkan Cipta' sama 'Indonesia Raya', makanya selalu senang bila hadir untuk Upacara di Sekolah dulu. Hehe.

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2017-03-24, 18:55
by vijayjohn
This is the official video of "Laksmana Raja Di Laut (Zapin Dut)" by Iyeth Bustami. It's interesting for me to see people from the biggest country in the world with a Muslim majority making references to Lakshmana, Rama's brother in the Ramayana. The lyrics are at the bottom of the video:
This is a song apparently in dangdut style called "Perawan Atau Janda" by Cita Citata (lyrics in video):

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2017-04-17, 7:26
by eskandar
Not an Indonesian song per se - it's in the Lampung language:

Can anyone tell me about this style of music? Are the music, type of singing, or lyrics typical of any genres I could search for to find more songs like this?

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2017-04-30, 17:51
by Meera

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2017-07-13, 1:51
by adirapinjamandana
I really like the song from Dewa 19 band


Aku ini... adalah dirimu
Cinta ini... adalah cintamu
Aku ini... adalah dirimu
Jiwa ini... adalah jiwamu

Rindu ini adalah rindumu
Darah ini adalah darahmu

Tak... ada yang lain.. Selain dirimu
Yang selalu ku puja... ouo...
Ku... sebut namamu
Disetiap hembusan nafasku
Kusebut namamu...
Kusebut namamu...

Dengan tanganmu... aku menyentuh
Dengan kakimu... aku berjalan
Dengan matamu... ku memandang
Dengan telingamu... ku mendengar
Dengan lidahmu... aku bicara
Dengan hatimu... aku merasa

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2017-10-15, 5:26
by vijayjohn
eskandar wrote:Can anyone tell me about this style of music? Are the music, type of singing, or lyrics typical of any genres I could search for to find more songs like this?

This is classical music in Lampung. Hila Hambala seems to make a lot of songs like this, sometimes combined with more pop-y music in the background (like some Iranian artists). You can find more of these by looking up "lagu klasik lampung" on YouTube (lagu means 'song'), which gives you this. I posted this song called "Assalamu alaikum" in another variety of Lampung called Lampung Nyo once (in the "What song are you listening to right now?" thread). The video quality isn't very good, and the lyrics barely show up in the subtitles. (The prestige variety the song you posted was in is called Lampung Api and is spoken near the western part of the far south of Sumatra. Lampung Nyo is spoken on the eastern part).

This is a very different song from what I usually listen to: a(pop) song by an Indonesian pop, rock, and R&B female duo called Ratu. The lady who sings their songs is named Pinkan Mambo. This song is called "Salahkah Aku Terlalu Mencintaimu," so I thought I'd post it for no other reason than the fact that I just posted a song in Malay called "Salahkah Aku," too. :P The lyrics are in the subtitles:
This is a song much more like what I normally post! It's a campursari song called "Rasa Suka." Campursari is a combination of traditional Javanese music and dangdut and is usually performed in Javanese, but this song is in Bahasa Indonesia (or perhaps it's a Bahasa Indonesia version of a Javanese song?). Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the lyrics to this song anywhere:

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2018-02-19, 16:08
by atalarikt
This is Tuhan by the famous oldies band Bimbo from Bandung (their Indonesian Wikipedia page says that the song dates back to as early as 1974). This music video was released sometime in 1999. While the overall theme is Islamic (since all the members are Muslims), the lyrics do not explicitly reflect it (at least I think that's how it seems to non-Muslims who aren't all too familiar with this song), making this song still comfortably enjoyable for people of other faiths (at least in my opinion). It helps that the lyrics are just as simplistic as the song itself.
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Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2018-03-06, 5:36
by vijayjohn
Nice song! :)

I'm going to post the Indonesian song I wrongly posted in the creole songs thread. :silly:
This is another song called "Astagfirullah" that has a bit of Arabic (about four lines) but is otherwise in Indonesian:
This video is interesting to me. I've never seen whirling dervishes in Indonesia before!

Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2018-03-19, 12:03
by atalarikt
Glad to know you like it, Vijay!

Anyway, this is Madu dan Racun (Honey and Poison), released in 1985 as a soundtrack of the eponymous movie by late Arie Wibowo (1952-2011) of the Bill & Brod fame. The song has been covered in various languages, including Vietnamese (where it is famous outside of Indonesia), Burmese and Hokkien. In this video, he is the one wearing glasses and cap.
Lyrics and English translation (by me, including context interpretation)
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Re: Indonesian songs

Posted: 2020-10-11, 8:09
by vijayjohn
This is a lyric video of "Keroncong Sapu Lidi":
It has the lyrics in both Roman script and Hanacaraka, if I'm not much mistaken!

And this is the song "Rindu Lukisan" from the 1958 movie Asrama Dara:
Rindu lukisan mata suratan
Hatiku nan merindu
Rindu bayangan nan meliputi
Paras seri wajahmu
Mengapa membisu seribu kata?
Mengapa mendusta seribu bahasa?
Mungkinkah bulan merindukan kumbang?
Dapatkah kumbang mencapai rembulan?
Rindu katakan rindu usah kau
Malu karena asmara
Risau engkau risau, Dik, aku pun
Maklum maksud tak sampai
Rindu hatimu aku pun demikian
Rindu sudah nasib untung di badan

Mungkinkah bulan merindukan kumbang?
Dapatkah kumbang mencapai rembulan?
(Rindu katakan...)