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pronunciation of "og"

Posted: 2017-05-04, 9:53
by littlepond
Hei! I read that the "g" in "og" is almost always silent, but a book that I am using has audio saying the "g" as well in the sentence "Fint, takk - og du?"

When to know when to pronounce "g" of "og" and when not to do so?

Tusen takk!

Re: pronunciation of "og"

Posted: 2017-05-05, 22:24
by Astrum
Whether the "g" in "og" is silent or not depends on the dialect (and, to a certain degree, the sociolect). Most people don't pronounce the "g" in "og" these days.

Re: pronunciation of "og"

Posted: 2017-05-06, 15:33
by littlepond

Re: pronunciation of "og"

Posted: 2020-01-01, 3:28
by Gormur
På nynorsk er det ordet òg sum uttales slik du sier.
På nynorsk det er ordet òg sum uttales slik du sier