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Postby Swifty » 2016-04-02, 6:42

While travelling around Norway (in Google Street View) I come across warning road signs with the word "Vegbom". This seems to refer to the metal barriers at the edge of the road. I can't see why I'd need to be informed of this, as a hazzard.

I'm going along the RV7, eastwards just part Øvre Eidsfjord, and the road has these barriers for many kilometres. So why this sign all of a sudden? I've gone forward and backwards just beyond this sign, and cannot see any hazzard. It's a permanent sign, not something warning me about a hazzard long gone.

Am I missing something?

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Re: Vegbom

Postby Astrum » 2016-04-03, 9:00


The metal barriers you are referring to (guardrails) are called "autovern" in Norwegian.

A "vegbom" (or "veibom") would be a boom barrier.

Hope this helps!

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